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Essential Tips For Renting An RV 

When planning to go camping with family and kids, it is better to have a camper rental as having their own vehicle will always be useful. Depending on the campsite it is better to choose the type of RV that they are going to rent for the trip.

As the RV rentals have small spaces, it is better to make sure that everyone in the camping area is comfortable with sharing the available space.

Types of RVs

There are two main types of RVs: Drivable Motorhomes and Towable Ones.

  1.   Drivable Motorhomes

Drivable RVs are also called Motorhomes. That means the people can drive and sleep in the same area.

  1. Class A

They are the biggest camper rental out of the three options. They look like coach buses. They weigh between 13000 and 30000 pounds. Parking these Rvs is difficult as they are large in size.

  1. Class B

They are also known as camper vans. They are the smallest and are easy to drive. As this is small, very few people can sleep inside and the accommodations are also very few. This is good for one or two people but if they want to travel with groups this is not the best option.

  1. Class C

For the people who are renting RVs for the first time, Class C is the best option. It is in between Class A and B which means larger than B and easy to drive than A. The weight of this camper rental is 10000 to 12000 pounds.

  1.   Towable Ones

In this, the travelers won’t sleep in the same area where they are driving as these RVs are towed by SUVs or pickup trucks.

  1. Fifth Wheels

They are heavier than the other types. They need to attach to a hitch which can be attached to a pickup truck. This RV will give a home-like feeling. They have huge kitchens with all kitchen appliances inside.

  1. Folding Trailers

They are small and lightweight. There will be a canvas where people can sleep, cook which will pop out to the side.

  1. Truck Campers

They will give the complete rough jungle-like experience. There will be provision to sleep, eat and cook.

Few tips that can help before booking RVs

  • Depending on the type of people that are coming to the RV, it is better to rent the RV which will be accepted by the whole group.
  • Create a budget before doing initial research and stick to the budget even while booking the rental RV.
  • There will be a need to ensure that the trip is insured along with the cost of the rental, So it is better to take note of all these costs before planning the budget.
  • For parking, the RVs and the campsites should have perfect parking areas as well. So it is better to do initial research beforehand.


For camper rental that means when renting an RV, the gas mileage will be very poor. That too if the time is during summer it will be very less. Driving an RV is completely different from driving a car.

Parking the RV will be tricky as the vehicle will be large and even the campsite will be unpredictable. It is advisable to be prepared for a messy camping experience as whatever happens they can enjoy the trip in that way.