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How Can Students Travel And Explore The World On A Limited Budget?

One of the fantastic ways to visit and explore new places and get to know people from different cultures is through travelling. However, travelling the world can be challenging for students as they have a limited budget. Hence, following some tips can help students plan a holiday on a restricted budget.

UK travel blogger James Smith has documented exciting tips and points in his travel blog, Only By Land, which includes information for students traveling on a budget. His blog has information about each place he has visited, how to get to and from the place, transportation methods, where to stay depending on the budget and various options in each location. Follow Only By Land by James Smith for tips and advice on traveling and seeing the world as a student on a limited budget.

Tips for budget traveling

As a student, there is no need to have too much money to travel the world. Go through these tips, and your dream of exploring and traveling the world can become a reality within a restricted budget.

Plan ahead of time

Making immediate travel plans might not be possible for students as they do not have the luxury of time and money. Therefore, as a student, the most important thing is to keep good time in hand and plan, which would help you avoid unnecessary costs.

Book well in advance, as you may get your flight tickets and accommodation at lower prices. Hence, planning six months before is advised to save money and improve the trip experience.

Choosing the destination wisely

Most travellers prefer summers when everything is expensive. Hence, consider traveling in winter, just before or after the peak tourist season. The air tickets and accommodation costs are usually low during the off-season.

  • Look for a travel destination that falls within your budget.
  • Consider the cost, including transportation, accommodation, food and other activities.
  • Choose a destination based on all the costs.
  • Avoid trips during vacation time and school holidays.

Stick to your budget.

Sticking to your budget is extremely important as when traveling to a new desirable location, you will be tempted to buy many incredible things. Hence, be careful to spend wisely.

Avail student discounts

You can avail of student discounts on your International Student ID card in many places. You can save a few pounds by getting a discount on your flight tickets, student dorm, and even entering a museum.

Explore public transport.

Avail public transport for exploring a new location. It is an excellent way to save money while also getting a chance to interact with local people.

Avoid spending too much on food

Eating local meals can be expensive, and you might run out of budget. Hence, consider making your meals if your accommodation allows you to cook.

Volunteer programs

Look for volunteer programs, exchange programs and abroad studies to explore new places at a reduced cost. This way, you will get free accommodation.

As a student, you can widen your perspectives through traveling and that too, with a limited budget. Therefore, follow these tips and plan accordingly.